Bat Echolocation calls

A collection of bat echo location calls made by bats on Anglesey captured with a Batbox Duet  bat detector and Tascam DR-05 digital recorder. All of the bat echo location recordings are 16-bit 44.1Khz stereo wav files with the left channel recording the FD (Frequency Division) audio and right channel the heterodyne audio output.

If you have any idea what bat species have been recorded please let me know 🙂

The images below are the bat echo location sonograms created by the BatScan software and the full sized image can be downloaded by right clicking on the image and selecting ‘save link as …’

To listen to, and download, the audio wav file just left click on the partial sonogram image this will open a larger sonogram image and the audio file is shown under the larger image.

26th July 2017 – Llanfairynghornwy, Anglesey, UK