Parys Mountain VR Tour

The Parys mountain on Anglesey contains the Mona and Parys copper mines. The copper was first extracted in the Bronze age to make crude but effective tools. Over the centuries the mines have been worked until the 1900’s.

The virtual tour has been created using a Canon 5D3 camera and Samyang 14mm lens mounted on a panoramic head. Each panorama contains 17 HDR images created from 51 raw exposures taken @ -2, 0 and +2 stops and stitched in Autopano Giga software. The underground panoramas were lit with a single Canon 600RT flashgun.

Hint: if you want to go straight to the underground tours look at your feet on the VR tour above

A detailed history of the mine workings can be found on the Parys Underground Group website and visitors to the island can see some of the history and artifacts at the Copper Kingdom centre run by the Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust in the Amlwch port.