Race of Remembrance 2018

The 2018 Race of Remembrance event (#RoR2018) takes place over the weekend of the 9-11th November on the #Tracmon #Anglesey circuit and is hosted by Mission Motorsport

This page has images from the event which are freely available to anyone who wishes to keep a memory of the event or make a print. The on-line images are sized and optimised for use on social media (right click the image and select save image as..), if they are used I would ask that a credit be given.

There are many images from the Race of Remembrance weekend so grab a coffee, or three, and get comfy 🙂 #RoR2018.

If you would like a print file then please e-mail me at kevin@photosbykev.com quoting the number of the image(s) and I will send you the image files that you can print locally. No catch, no charge, just my way of supporting the event. If you wish to give a small donation to support Help for Heroes then please use Mission Motorsport.

Friday 10th – practise sessions (24 images)

Friday 10th – qualifying session (175 images)

Saturday 10th – morning practise sessions (80 images)

Saturday 10th – Supercar Saturday (150 images)

Saturday 10th – The Endurance race

part 1 in very damp conditions (159 images)

Sunday 11th – The Endurance race

part 2 (98 images)

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