Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

A super moon was totally eclipsed during the early hours of the 28th September 2015, the media were calling it a “Super Blood Moon Eclipse” I just thought is was awesome :).

I spent the night photographing the event from a beautiful beach location on Anglesey called Cwyfan.

This timelapse video is from a camera fitted to a tracking mount so it could photograph just the moon at 30 second intervals for the duration of the eclipse.

The contact sheet contains moon images from phase U1 until phase U4

Two other static DSLR cameras were also shooting wide field images for a timelapse sequence.

So I ended up with almost 2000 raw images of the event. The images on this post use the background captured at totality with differing numbers of moon images overlaid on top of it. A desktop (1920×1080) photograph of the “Nine moons of Cywfan” can be downloaded below.

A 1920×1080 version for your personal desktop only. Not to be uploaded to other websites or used for commercial purposes

It should be noted that the ‘Super moon’ in these images is between 4 and 9 times larger than actual reality. There is only only a small percentage change in the size of the moon from it’s nearest to farthest point in it’s orbit. This change can be captured and measured with a camera but it is less obvious to the human eye.


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