Norway deLights

A trip to Norway in January was the perfect way to start 2018. It was cold, it was covered in snow, it was very odd not to see the sun rise (or set) but the Aurora Borealis didn’t disappoint us.

We stayed in a beautiful location on the Malangen fjord and travelled out to Steinfjord, Tennes, Malselv and numerous other quaint locations including an excursion into Finland. The dancing lady was seen five nights out of seven and photographed on four of those nights.

Some thoughts on personal and camera equipment when the temperatures are below -10C:

Down and merino are your friend, a good down jacket and insulated over trousers make life very comfortable when you spend hours doing very little except looking upwards at the sky.

Merino base layers are also a must, if you want to retain your body heat.

On my feet I wore Sorel Caribou boots and Norwegian military socks, a great investment 🙂

A pair of ‘HotHands’ hand warmers in your jacket pockets are also a good idea to keep batteries and your hands warm.

I went to Norway fully prepared to use lens heaters to keep the lenses clear but even at below -10C the lenses didn’t mist up. I guess it was due to the very cold but dry atmosphere. I did have some modified socks that were wrapped around the lenses and I could of slipped a hand warmer into them but they weren’t needed.

Cameras used included Canon 5D4 and 5D3 bodies with Canon and Samyang wide angle lenses and a Samsung Gear360 was used for the fun stuff but it isn’t suitable for aurora photography or video.

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