Perseid meteors

A selection of Perseid meteors captured mainly on Anglesey using DSLR cameras and a mixture of stills and timelapse.

It is worth remembering that photographing meteors is not the same as photographing the stars, different techniques are required. Stars are effectively stationary for the duration of an exposure whereas meteors will move through the field of view of your lens in a second or so. Meteors maybe bright but they are also very very quick so the time each photosite in your camera sensor has to grab photons is very short so you have to maximise the light gathering with iso and aperture. The shutter speed is almost irrelevant other than to set the ambient exposure level.


  • for star field photography the priority order is shutter, remembering the 500 rule to avoid star trails, aperture and finally iso to set the ambient light level to avoid clipping the black level.
  • for meteor photography the priority order is aperture wide open and use a fast lens, iso, as high as possible and finally shutter to set the ambient light level.

I always try to expose to the right of the histogram and use iso6400, the noise this iso level creates can be handled in post processing if you avoid underexposure.

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